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40 Things that I Love! (Sometimes)

I thank Christy Waltz for tagging me into this.

  1. The Dark: Chocolate, coffee, or the moonless night, there is a soothing quality to darkness.
  2. The Light: Creator of shadows, Bringer of warmth and energy.
  3. The poetry of transcendence: Whitman, Basho, Bukowski, The Beats, and the dreamers, jokers, and fools who use form and word to expand me beyond.
  4. Love: The warmth within that makes me feel a part of the whole.
  5. Words: These symbolic things that allow us to commune with one another.
  6. Science: The search for truth just beyond what is known.
  7. Philosophy: The search for truth farther beyond what is known.
  8. Motorcycles: The culture and the machines that push the rules and speak by their existence of danger, freedom, and passion.
  9. Art: Non-utilitarian but important and necessary. It takes me within or throws me to new realities.
  10. Flowers: The smells, sweet and earthy. The colors that delight the eye.
  11. Wild birds: High-flying geese and cranes, owls that hoot in the dark, vireos and finches, doves and quail and the others who pass through the yard.
  12. Dogs: Wrinkles and Joe (the current beasts) and all the others that I have loved, and the ones that will probably come.
  13. Cats: All that I have loved and those that will be in my heart.
  14. Friends: For sharing and support of each other.
  15. People: For their diversity, agreements, and differences.
  16. The World: This surprising, beautiful planet with its minute to minute changes, seen and felt in heart and mind.
  17. Medium: To know the stories of others and to share my own. This is a very real community of diverse and honest, creative people.
  18. Writing: To express who I am to others and to learn about myself in the process.
  19. Broken Things: Pieces of what once was are things in themselves.
  20. Broken People: We learn from their stories.
  21. Synchronicity and Miracles: Those times of awe that appear without effort or plan.
  22. The Wind: The wind is my brother in the cooling breeze or threatening onslaught.
  23. Curiosity: Asking “WHY?” and “WHY?” again.
  24. High Mountains and Deep Canyons: Being close to Earth and Sky. And just knowing that they are there.
  25. Reading: Being transported to new worlds with new characters or new realities of truth or fiction.
  26. Helping Others: Comforting, inspiring and helping others down the path of life.
  27. Outlaws: Those who question and question answers and being given wrong answers so create the new.
  28. Thunder Storms: My soul dances with the lightning and rain to the beat of thunder.
  29. The fact that there are only ten more loves on this list (maybe).
  30. The Desert: You have to be close to see the beauty of what seems a barren expanse. The life and beauty there do not jump out to the jaded eye.
  31. Zen: More lenient and human than the hard Stoic. “It’s as easy as falling off a log. But, have you ever tried to fall off a log?” (I think that’s an Alan Watts quote.)
  32. My Mental ‘Illness’: I have learned empathy and resilience. And don’t have to aspire or pretend to ‘normal’.
  33. Sleep: A brief time-out from conscious thought and a birthplace for ideas.
  34. Food: I really enjoy intricacies of flavors but will eat most anything.
  35. Laughter!: It sets the Blues, the blahs. and the monsters running.
  36. Sunrises and Sunsets: From where I live, the horizons are clear to the East and West. From fiery red to smooth lavender there is awe in every one.
  37. Spring: The return of life to the land.
  38. Autumn: The slow easing of the suns heat, the colors are vibrant in land and sky.
  39. My Daughter and Grandkids: I love them all deeply, though it brings tears to my eyes.

Poet. Philosopher. A sense of Humor. 60 years ago I rode the winds at the top of a tall cottonwood. Buy me a coffee @

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