Living, writing, and the great adventure

Dana Sanford

It’s a wild ride in this world. And, at times, a struggle to survive. Adventures are not always a wild flight to glory.

Born in Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA in 1949.
Grew up in Albuquerque from age 5.

I’ve never been able to stay away from New Mexico for long. This is a wild land (outside the cities) both in terrain and weather. Vistas that grab your soul.


I am not as much educated as learned. School bored me most of the time and it was all…

How much do we really control?

Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

Sometimes life explodes
poems written
not published
good thing I'm not doing this for money

the fuse finally nears the dynamite
the sky begins to fall
save myself or die with another person?
once again I’ve left a shambles
behind me

the voices of former dramas
echo in my spine
I am guilty for being this way
I judge myself
for being misunderstood
who can explain the wind?

how can I love and still leave?
am I narcissistic for not wanting to die in a cage?
do I really need to find a new and harder way?
should fear make me a better…

May Writing Experience

Musing on the Muse

Photo by Dana Sanford

What is this thing?

Is it the flaxen-haired spirit
dressed in the coral-hued clouds of sunrise?
Or the breeze in the windchime?
The bird, or its feather?

It is a moment of surprise.
An instant -
by the continuity of life.

It cares not for fame or fortune.
No reputation can bend it
to the ways of needless conformity.
It flows freely
as the wind in canyons,
as the mountain storm
seeking the ocean.

(definitely female)
desert sand
takes in rain
giving substance to a wildflower.


not separate,
with life
with the cosmos.

All of this and more.

~Dana Sanford

May Writing Experience:

Samantha Lazar


◦•●Christina M. Ward ●•◦

Thank You.

"Neuro-divergent Aesthetic" - I like that! But I wouldn't identify it as mental "illness". Sometimes we just don't think like everyone else.

Thank You for including me. :-)

Poetry is indeed a magic thing.

Dana Sanford

Poet. Philosopher. A sense of Humor. 60 years ago I rode the winds at the top of a tall cottonwood. Buy me a coffee @

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