“I AM”- A Creation Mantra

Caught between the sacred and profane

Dana Sanford
2 min readJan 29, 2022


In some places the spirits rest and we become a part of the All

Creating is walking on sacred ground
Climbing naked up a holy mountain
In a thunderstorm

Though I expect the lightning bolt
I know the mountain is mine to win

I do not climb for riches or power

But, to proclaim
“I AM”

Each stoke of pen or keyboard
Or brush or hand
Is “I AM”

And if the lightning bolt is stayed
I do another “I AM”

If I am smited
I move away
Or stand to the blows

I salve my wounds and return
“I AM”

If my vision becomes clouded
And my voice is muted
I find again the sacred grounds
I proclaim “I AM”

I am pulled away by Sirens
I am ground into the mud
I return
Muddied and deafenend
Hobbling to this mountain
To say “I AM”

Condemned for hubris
“I AM”
Chided as ungodly
“I AM”
“I AM”

“I AM”
Riches proffered
“I AM”
Friendless or imprisoned
“I AM”

It is the pilgrimage to self
From self denied
“I AM”

Dana Sanford

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