Sadly, I find this to be a common B.S. generalization. I’m 70 years old, and old people were saying the same things about us when we were young. It’s easy to believe when you have survived many years that youngsters should be ashamed for taking advantage of the things that previous generations have provided. Honestly, how many contemporaries of your granddad are doing as well and being as generous as he?

I truly admire him for who he has become and you for wanting to emulate him. Judging a whole classification of people by the ‘hard cases’ that you choose to deal with is natural, but the ‘room-mate’ who drove off (possibly to go to work, probably in her own car, and spending part of her time helping ‘meth-mouth’ get past his addiction) is also a representative of the same people being criticized.

As our world population grows, generalization and stereotyping become more problematic. People are people and we have to deal with the complicated human in front of us at the moment. Not our assumptions of who they are.

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