The Creative Quest

A dark cavern exists. Spreading deep through a dark mountain. Enter slowly. The damp air coats your nostrils with water and earth. Watch your step. Breathe deep, your brain will need the oxygen. The eyes become accustomed to this light.

What do you See? Hear? Smell? Feel?

Is the ground mud that sucks at your feet? Or slippery wet stones? Maybe a yellow brick road?

You know this place well. You’ve been here before. Torches are by the door if you need them.

There are beauties here. And dangers that we may perceive in the black recesses. Light shines through shafts and echoes sound from deep within.

Gather the jewels, the fruits, and the music of this arena. And all those treasures that you find. But be careful of how you clean them.

No thing of value exists only in itself. It has been in the dust, mud, and air that has formed it. That which is too polished becomes unreal. There is proof in the elements of its birth that it is precious. And, that it has come from deep and frightening places.

Our new found valuables laid out before us, we feel attached to them. Was it not our personal courage that brought them forth? Will others see this fabulous find and understand what was required for it to exist before them? After all, our sweat and blood and the dust still stain the edges.

I have hoarded my discoveries over the years. There is a pain in feeling that these gems are unworthy of respect. Do I over-clean or under-clean? Will I be able to pierce the skepticism of one other person?

So long have I seen these gems as children, but are they truly seeds? Seeds often land on the fallow ground but, sometimes settle into fertile soil. A child is an extension of ourselves as if the troubles of it come home to me.

Maybe I shouldn’t “scatter pearls before swine”, but I am burdened by the weight of unshown/ungiven creativity. But, seeds will grow in a sty. Perhaps this is the purpose of art.

Poet. Philosopher. A sense of Humor. 60 years ago I rode the winds at the top of a tall cottonwood. Buy me a coffee @

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