Aging and Living

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Be aware that you are alive


There are those that say that “Life is too short.”
It is true that we cannot be everywhere
and see everything as it changes or even see
each thing of beauty in the world.

And no one else will see
the insect that scurries in the leaves of this tree
or the old piece of wood made ornate
slowly by weather and time.
None shall learn to speak and sing
with the wild, summer birds.

Life is my buffet -
I complain when things are too bitter,
I become ill with too much sweet and salt,
and yet I am ravenous for it all
and try to take some time with each bite.

I dance with the universe
and step on its toes.

No one can do it all,
know it all,
see it all,
but I can savor the time and circumstance,
wallow in laughter, grief, fear,
and peace and gratitude.

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Photo by Peter Aschoff on Unsplash

I have not seen
what my father had seen
when he died at sixty-three
nor my sister who died at twenty-five.
But, at seventy, I can look back
at adventures,
at visions,
at creations,
at glimpses of true beauty
and moments of resonance
with ‘that which is life’.

I stand in this arena,
bloodied or burned,
I will stand as long as I can
and not leave without
at least a shout of laughter.

-Perhaps life is short.-
All the more reason
to fill some of its moments
to the rim.

Dana Sanford


Poet. Philosopher. A sense of Humor. 60 years ago I rode the winds at the top of a tall cottonwood. Buy me a coffee @

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